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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed skilled individual who works remotely from a home office.

Virtual Assistants or VA's as they are also known as, support a variety of business owners and personal clients who are looking for an alternative to a full-time employee.

VA's can support businesses with a multitude of administrative tasks in order to free up valuable time.

Hours of work can be on an "as needed" basis or a monthly contract, whichever suits the clients needs the best.

Rates are task dependent and bespoke services and pricing are also offered.

The main aim of a Virtual Assistant is to alleviate busy clients of time-consuming tasks to allow them to focus on their goals.


What are the benefits?


With so many benefits to working with a virtual assistant, its time to propel your business forward.

1. Allows more time to focus on revenue driven activities


2. Reduced need for office investment


3. Professionasional and highly skilled dedicated support


4. Tailor-made support


5. Support on
an "as needed" basis


6. An economical alternative to hiring, training, managing and retaining staff


7. After hours support


8. Insight into alternative available solutions


9. A higher level of productivity


10. Increased business flexibility




How much will it cost?

Partnering with  Tempo Virtual Assistants is a cost-effective solution to your administration needs.

From as little as £10, tasks will be completed by a highly skilled VA maximising time to give you the best value for money.

Prices vary depending on the task and will be confirmed during your consultation before work commences.

Our social media management packages are tiered to suit all budgets, as we know how important social media is in order to grow your business.


Tempo Virtual Assistants is competitively priced against the market and we are proud to offer a wealth of experience and knowledge without the full time employee overheads.





Tempo Virtual Assistants was set up in 2018 after founder Lauren Harding recognised that businesses and individuals were looking for a more flexible solution when it came to administration. Each business has a unique rhythm that makes them who they are, Tempo Virtual Assistants has been designed to work seamlessly in tandem.


Lauren witnessed first hand through her network of business owners, that the back office element  of running a business was time-consuming, alien to their skill set and took them away from their precious family life. Without the space or funding to employ staff to complete these tasks, Lauren was able to offer her expertise remotely, whilst working from home, to the businesses to help them grow.


Having been a professional in the finance sector based in Canary Wharf and now a mother, Lauren also understands the pressure of maintaining a career and raising a family. With a passion for helping families with their work-life balance the services Tempo offer are designed to take that pressure away.






Tempo Virtual Assistants Ltd

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Having a busy gardening business, I found it a chore to complete my invoices and books on my evenings and weekends. They were taking up my time that I could spend with my family, and it was starting to take its toll. I worked with Lauren, who helped me complete my invoices and bookkeeping in a timely manner.  By just handing over these simple tasks, gave me back the freedom to enjoy my time off.

Clare Baker Gardening Services

Colchester, Essex

It has always been our dream to retire to Turkey, so we were excited when the time came. We were anxious about organisation involved in relocating, so we were grateful when Lauren was recommended to us. She put our mind at ease by creating a clear timeline and tasks which she methodically worked through. Lauren organised our flights, additional baggage, shipping, storage, the sale of our car and household items. A great service which helped us immensely! 

Mr and Mrs Bowyer

Central London, London

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